How Do We Bring You the Savings?
  • Have a clear and comprehensive cost plan to know your budget limitations.
  • Get away from poor cost control and save your time and efforts by using our professional cost control services.
  • Completed works valuations. We assess the progress of your contractor on a monthly or fortnightly percentage basis. This service stops you from over-paying.
  • Procurement: Let our Consultant Quantity Surveyors reduce costs by negotiating and appointing the Contractor who offers the best value for money.
  • Our Pricing Document (Schedule of Work) allows us to thoroughly analyse contractors quotes easily and quickly.
  • Appointment of contractors: We are familiar with numerous reputable contractors and sub-contractors so can recommend and employ a company on your behalf.
  • Our Consultants provide you with accurate costing advice before-hand to ensure adequate funds are available for the project.
  • Cost Comparison: Our Quantity Surveyors will carry out a detailed analysis of quotations of your contract where anomalies are highlighted and rectified before work starts on site
  • Measurement and Bill of Quantities: Before contractors are invited to tender, we will carry out a full measure and bill of quantities from the available drawings.
  • Cost Management: Our consultants will spot, manage, and reduce the possibility of over-spending by acting as a middleman between you and your contractors.
  • Cost Reduction: Get benefits of our proven cost reduction strategies and achieve higher Return on Investment.
  • Variations: Our Consultant Quantity Surveyors will value any additional work and ensure value for money is achieved
  • Final Account: The Final Account process defines all construction costs as well as variations. Negotiation will take place at the end of the project to get the best deal possible.

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