Building a house especially in the UK varies based on many different factors. The estimating costs can be calculated by taking into account several other variables. If you are about to build an architect-designed house in the South East or London, the minimum construction cost involved per square metre might be around £1,750, excluding the professional fees and land acquisition charges. Building a four-bedroom house of one hundred and fifty square metres shall cost about £262,500 from your wallet. Keep reading as we present upfront the reasons and other possible ways that can be used to calculate the money involved in building your dream house.

Things you need to neglect while building a new house in the UK?

If at all the below-mentioned issues are quite relevant to your on-going project then probably the building costs might be higher.

  • Constrained site: Does there a party wall exist with a site organisation issue? Such things can have a direct impact on the project and make it difficult for the builder to work with the prescribed budget.
  • Difficulty in terms of site access: Does the site can be accessed through Mews Street or a narrow track? Have a closer look at this at it can potentially end up increasing the overall construction cost involved.
  • Parking: What type of parking permits are required to park any of your vehicles around? Never choose to build a house in a locality that offers expensive permits in the first place.

Possible ways to build a house on a budget:

Adopting superstructure:

Although cross-laminated timber has many different advantages like quick construction speed and less environmental impact, it has the potential to increase the overall construction cost by 10%. Incorporating the brick cavity and block walls shall not only be cost-effective but also let the house stand tall even whilst facing any kind of natural calamities. Building such walls can take time; yet, it can cut down the overall construction cost and let you save some money that can be widely used for other purposes.

Getting ease with the kitchen specifications:

Spending £50k or even more for developing a brand kitchen shall not only cost you more but let you spend more time in cleaning them every other day. Stick to the minimalist kitchen lifestyle and never choose to spend more than £15k on the kitchen specifications. You can easily get standard carcasses and other kinds of external finishes at this price rate.

Additional costs that you need to consider glancing through:

The rate that has been mentioned earlier in terms of building a house in the United Kingdom determines the construction process only. There are certain other additional costs that you must get to know to estimate the value of the property that you are about to build.

  • Check with the buying costs: Survey fees, stamp duty tax, and solicitor’s fees are some of the things that you need to pay for, to authentically build a house in the UK.
  • Financial costs: This varies based upon the loan amount that is required to build a house. If at all you have a large sum of cash in hand to contribute then you can easily take advantage of lower borrowing rates. On the other hand, if you are 100% entailed to borrowing money for every other building costs then the interest rates might be higher.
  • Consultant fees: The fees needed to pay the consultants shall be based on the complexity and the size of the project. You must hire services from an architect, services consultant, structural engineer, and an approved inspector. Get to know about their charges and then add it up to the total house building costs.

At Peja Surveying Ltd, we tend to incorporate every other service needed to build a house in a package. This way, our clients can pay less and get more services in one roof.


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